How Your HOA Can Affect Your AC Installation

29 June 2022
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Homeowners associations (HOAs) have rules and regulations they expect their members to observe. HOAs use these rules to maintain property prices and encourage peaceful living among its members. However, some rules and regulations can affect your air conditioner (AC) installation and service. Below are some things that HOAs care about that might affect your AC's issues. Appearance You have to do your part to contribute to the community's curb appeal if you are a member of an HOA community. Read More 

Air Conditioning Repair: 5 Ductless AC Problems That Need An AC Repair Technician

6 June 2022
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Ductless mini-splits have become popular, especially for small-sized homes, because of their ease of installation and flexible operation. These systems are also relatively low-maintenance due to their compactness. However, these AC systems develop occasional problems like any other appliances. Fortunately, any competent AC repair technician can fix most of these problems. Here are common ductless AC problems and their solutions: 1. The Unit Doesn't Power On Do you press the remote and nothing happens? Read More 

3 Dangers Of DIY AC Repair

13 May 2022
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When the global Covid-19 pandemic hit, many homeowners began trying out DIY home repairs to pass the time. But while DIY projects can be delightful, it's crucial to acknowledge that there's a limit to the complexity of home repairs you can handle without a professional's guidance. If you've been contemplating a DIY AC repair, you might want to think twice before making your final decision. Here are a few consequences of DIY AC repair that you can avoid if you hand AC repair over to seasoned technicians. Read More 

Why It’s Often Worth It To Pay An Extra Fee For Emergency AC Repair

20 April 2022
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There are emergency AC system repair services out there that can send an HVAC technician to your home to perform repairs anytime, including late at night or on holidays. Many of these businesses may charge a small additional fee to provide service outside of regular business hours. Since you might want to keep your air conditioning repair costs down, you might be wondering whether or not it's worth it to pay this extra fee. Read More 

Air Conditioning System Repairs Or Replacement? 4 Signs To Watch Out For

28 March 2022
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When your air conditioner acts up or has significant hitches, you may have a tough choice between repair or replacement. Usually, air conditioning system repairs cost less than replacement costs. However, the total cost of frequent repairs could surpass a single-time replacement. So watch out for these signs to gauge whether the best solution is undertaking air conditioning system repairs or replacement. 1. Age Unfortunately, as your unit ages, its efficiency decreases. Read More