3 Simples Ways to Increase HVAC Functionality

13 January 2017
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The key to keeping your HVAC system running well is making sure your furnace is regularly serviced and in good working order. Some people will invest in a new furnace in order to increase the efficiency of their system. This is a smart investment, but it might be unnecessary. Many furnace problems are easily fixable. Even if you don't want to call in an HVAC professional, you can probably prevent some of these problems yourself by doing some regular maintenance. Read More 

Three Common Central Air Conditioning Myths Debunked

12 January 2017
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If this is your first home with central air conditioning, you may find that well-meaning friends and family offer you a lot of advice about how to care for it. Unfortunately, some of that advice may actually fall under some of the most common myths and misconceptions about these units. Here's a look at some of the advice you might hear and the truth you should know. "You can use any kind of refrigerant in your central air conditioner. Read More