4 Reasons You Might Need A Plumber To Fix A Leak In Your Home

7 January 2021
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Plumbing leaks are annoying when a dripping faucet keeps you awake at night, and they are destructive when the leak causes water damage in your home. Here are four causes of plumbing leaks you should be aware of and the plumbing services you might need to stop a leak. 1. Rubber Seals Crack Or Wear Down A common reason for faucet leaks is a worn-down seal. The rubber seals keep water from leaking under normal conditions, but the rubber can wear down due to age. Read More 

Things That Bring Down Your Heating System’s Efficiency

1 December 2020
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During the winter, you want your heating system to work at peak efficiency. However, even minor issues can make your system use too much energy and provide less heat. Fortunately, there are things you can do to help boost your system's efficiency and keep your home warm. Here are a few things that may be dragging your heating system's efficiency level down. Dirty Filter A dirty filter is one of the easiest and most preventable energy-robbing things to remedy. Read More 

Four Sounds You Don’t Want To Hear From Your Furnace

29 October 2020
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Outside of the gentle clicking sound every time your system turns on and off, you should never hear anything from your furnace at all. If you do hear strange sounds (or smell strange smells) coming through your air vents during the winter, that should warrant an immediate call to your HVAC company to schedule a furnace repair service. Specifically, if you hear any of the sounds below, have it looked at before these minor issues can turn into major problems and shut your unit down completely. Read More 

Tips For Recognizing That Your Air Conditioner’s Capacitor Is Failing

23 September 2020
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An air conditioning system is quite complex and requires a number of components to work properly in order to function. One of the components that help the air conditioner operate and create cold air is called a capacitor. A capacitor is a cylindrical-shaped part that stores energy; it helps provide the power needed to get the air conditioner to start running and continues to provide power while the air conditioner is running. Read More 

Mistakes You Want To Avoid When Making Home Plumbing Repairs

27 July 2020
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If you occasionally complete some plumbing repairs on your own, then you probably strive to do everything the right way the first time around to minimize issues like leaks. However, homeowners sometimes make some mistakes that can lead to problems in the future. Keep reading to find out more about some common ones and how they can be avoided.  Tightening Fittings Too Much Preventing leaks means making sure that fittings and fixtures are tight. Read More