Using The AC Around The Clock

3 August 2023
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You may wonder whether to let your air conditioner run around the clock on hot days. Below are a few things you should know about this issue.

The AC Can Run Around the Clock

First, you should know that your AC could run around the clock. Some AC manufacturers produce efficient AC models for constant operations. Thus, you should not worry that your AC is not up to the task if you have the most suitable system for your house. That should be the case if a professional contractor designed and installed the system.

Constant AC Operations Is Not Ideal

However, just because your AC can run around the clock doesn't mean you should make it do so. Below are a couple of issues that arise when an AC runs constantly.

1. Increased Energy Bills

The AC draws electricity for its motors, relays, thermostat operations, and fans whenever it runs. Even though an AC doesn't technically run all the time (it cycles between on and off cycles), the more it runs, the more electricity it consumes. Thus, the more your AC runs, the higher your electricity bills will be. The increase can be significant for a big house with a big AC.

2. Increased Wear and Tear

The AC's moving parts have friction and heating whenever the system runs. This causes wear and tear to most of the AC's parts. The longer the AC runs, the more wear and tear it causes.

The wear and tear increase the risk of AC malfunctions. Considerable wear and tear will also shorten the system's life. Thus, an AC that runs around the clock is more likely to break down or fail prematurely than one that runs periodically.

You Can Reduce the Need for Constant Operations

You don't have to strain your AC even if the weather is hot. Below are three tips you can use to ease the AC's work.

Raise the Temperature When Away

The difference between the outside temperature and your desired temperature determines how hard the AC must work to keep you comfortable. The bigger the difference is, the more the AC strains. Raise the thermostat temperature when you are not home to narrow this difference and lighten the AC's load.

Reduce the Cooling Load

Eliminate and reduce other heat sources so the AC only deals with the unavoidable heat. For example, close the blinds so heat from outside doesn't enter the house. Minimize heat-generating activities, such as grilling, inside the house.

Service the AC

Service the AC if you haven't done so in a while. Replace the air filter, clean the unit, and lubricate the relevant parts. Ask a contractor for a tune-up if your AC has operated for a long time without maintenance or if the AC is old. 

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