Questions To Ask Prior To Your AC Installation

10 January 2023
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Having a new air conditioner installed can be pretty exciting. You might be looking forward to finally having a consistently cool home, or to being able to cool your home without spending an arm and a leg on electricity. Before your HVAC installer arrives, however, there are a few questions that are worth asking in order to gain a better understanding of the work that they'll do and how your new AC unit will serve you.

Will the new air conditioner be installed in the same place as your old one?

AC contractors usually aim to install air conditioners where the old ones were located unless there is a good reason to move the new AC unit. If your old unit is blocked by a lot of landscaping, the installer may recommend moving it for better airflow. If the old unit is in a hard-to-access spot in the basement, that's another reason to put the new unit somewhere else. If you have a preference as to where your new AC is installed, talk to your HVAC contractor about this prior to your appointment.

Does the ductwork need to be changed at all?

AC units can usually be connected right up to the old or existing ductwork. However, there are times when changes need to be made. For example, if your new AC unit is shorter than the old one, your HVAC contractor may have to extend the main duct to reach it. Make sure you understand what, if any, changes will be made to your ducts so there are no surprises when you go down to look at your new AC setup for the first time.

Are there any rebates available on your new air conditioner?

Sometimes AC manufacturers offer rebates on their products. Other times, you can get a rebate from your electrical company for installing a more efficient system. HVAC contractors are usually pretty good about making their customers aware of these rebates, but if they don't tell you, then you should ask. You may need certain paperwork from the installer in order to apply for the rebate, so it's good to get that sorted out when they're still around for the installation.

If you ask the questions above prior to your new AC installation, you'll get a better understanding of what your installer is about to do and why. Asking these questions could also save you some money!