Tips For Maximizing Your AC's Performance

19 December 2022
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During the hottest times of the year, your home's AC system may struggle to effectively keep the interior of the house cool. However, there are some simple options that a homeowner may use to help them maximize the performance that they are getting from their home's air conditioning unit.

Ensure The AC Unit Is Serviced Prior To The Arrival Of Hot Weather

Having the air conditioning unit serviced on a yearly basis can be one of the most impactful things that you can do in terms of preserving and maximizing its performance. More specifically, these service visits can allow for wear that could gradually result in severe performance deterioration to be addressed. By addressing these issues, you can help your unit to run at optimal levels of efficiency even when the temperature outside is extremely hot. Once the intense heat of the summer arrives, AC technicians can become extremely busy. For this reason, it is generally best to schedule this service during the spring so that it will be easier to be able to effectively schedule this type of service for your home's system.

Address Any Sources Of Drafts

Drafts can be a major drag on the performance of your unit. Unfortunately, severe instances of drag can be a problem that a homeowner may simply underestimate with their homes. If this problem is not addressed, it can allow a steady stream of hot air to enter the house. This can result in the AC unit experiencing far more strain and potentially being overwhelmed. The windows and doors are the areas of a home that will be the most likely to develop major drafts. Periodically checking these areas for signs of drafts can help you with identifying them so that they can be patched. Depending on the cause of the draft, this may involve replacing weather stripping or even applying a small amount of caulk to close the opening.

Shade The Exterior Unit

Adding a source of shade for the exterior unit can help to reduce the amount of heat that it will absorb from the sun shining on it all day. Unfortunately, your exterior unit may have been built in an area that does not provide shade, and this can lead to it having to work harder to often the heating that is occurring from the sun. Depending on where your unit is positioned, adding an awning or other source of shade can be an effective way of combating this problem.

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