4 Problems HVAC Maintenance Will Completely Eliminate

30 November 2022
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An HVAC system is a complex machine. Like any other machine, it needs regular maintenance to function properly. Unfortunately, many homeowners neglect to perform this necessary service, leading to several problems down the road. The good news is that most of these issues can be avoided with a bit of preventative maintenance. Here are four problems that regular HVAC maintenance will completely eliminate:

Airflow Problems

When your system is not serviced regularly, airflow will be affected. This can cause several problems, such as increased energy costs, premature wear and tear, and decreased indoor air quality. Your system will also work harder to maintain the desired temperature. An HVAC maintenance contractor can inspect and clean the components of your system, restoring optimal airflow and performance.

Temperature Fluctuations

A malfunctioned HVAC system can cause your thermostat to become inaccurate. If this happens, your unit will cycle on and off more frequently, leading to uneven temperatures and increased energy costs. You can know your HVAC system is having this problem if you notice that the temperature in some rooms is significantly different from others. You can also check your energy bills to see if there has been a spike in usage. Investing in HVAC maintenance will ensure that your thermostat is properly calibrated, eliminating temperature fluctuations.

Dirty Coils and Filters

If your HVAC system's coils and filters are dirty, your unit will strain to function properly. This will cause your energy bills to rise and may lead to premature breakdowns. It may also cause your system to work less efficiently, shortening its lifespan. HVAC maintenance contractors can clean your coils and filters to keep them working properly. They'll also tell you if they need to be replaced.

Short Cycling

Short cycling occurs when an HVAC unit turns on and off more frequently than normal. It can be caused by several issues, such as an incorrectly set thermostat, a faulty compressor, or a problem with the electrical supply. Short cycling can cause your energy bills to skyrocket and shorten your HVAC unit's lifespan. When you schedule an HVAC maintenance, a technician will inspect your unit and make any necessary adjustments to curb the problem. They'll also look for any potential issues that could be causing the short cycling and recommend ways to handle them.

HVAC maintenance is vital to keeping your system running smoothly and avoiding costly repairs. By regularly servicing your HVAC system, you will eliminate many common problems affecting these units' efficiency and lifespan. Also, you will enjoy living in a comfortable environment with cleaner air. Contact a local HVAC maintenance technician today to schedule a maintenance appointment.