Lesser-Known Benefits Of Upgrading Your Home Insulation

24 October 2022
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Insulation keeps your home warm and helps reduce your heating bills. As such, it stands to reason that improving, adding to, or upgrading your home insulation will lead to improved warmth and even lower heating bills. But these are not the only benefits of having more insulation added to your home. Here are some lesser-known reasons to say "yes" to insulation work.

Less Noise

Similar to the way insulation reduces heat transfer, it also reduces sound transfer. If you add insulation to your home, you may notice that your home stays a lot quieter. Street noise should be less prominent. You may not hear the sound of the lawn mower so clearly when someone is doing yard work. People with kids often find benefit in improving their insulation because it blocks noises that may wake their little ones. Those who work at night and sleep during the day also enjoy this update since it makes their homes quieter in the daytime.

Roof Protection

Did you know that attic insulation, in particular, is important for protecting your home's roof? If your attic is not really well insulated, heat will escape from the roof near its peak. This will melt any snow in that area. The resulting water flows down the roof, eventually reaching the roof's edge. Since the roof's edge is colder, the water re-freezes in this area, which causes ice dams to form. These ice dams are really hard on the roof, leading to peeling shingles and damaged gutters.

Upgrading your insulation will thwart the formation of ice dams, thereby preventing shingle and gutter damage. This should extend the life of your roof and lead to less spending on repairs over the years.

Improved Resale Value

You're not the only one who wants their home to be better insulated. Home buyers also prefer homes with good insulation. As such, improving your insulation will likely increase your home value and make it easier to sell your home. In business terms, one would say insulation upgrades have a good return on investment—you'll get back the money you spend on this upgrade, and sometimes even more when you sell the home.

If your home's insulation is lacking, strongly consider updating it. Upgrading your insulation will not only save energy and keep your home warmer. It will also reduce noise, protect your roof, and improve your resale value when you sell the home. 

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