Blower Motor Repair: A Common AC Repair

19 July 2022
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Even the best-made air conditioners suffer wear and tear over time and eventually break down. One of the most common components to break and require repair is the blower motor. Here are the basics you need to know about the blower motor and blower motor repair as someone who owns an air conditioner.

What is the blower motor?

The blower motor is the part of your air conditioner that actually blows the cooled air out into the ducts. Basically, it is a big, powerful fan. In most HVAC setups, the same blower motor blows the air from your AC and from your furnace. 

What are the signs your blower motor needs repair?

The signs your blower motor is suffering usually start off fairly minor and easy to overlook. Your AC may make a ticking or clicking noise when it is running. You may notice this the most at the beginning or end of a cooling cycle. Sometimes, there may be squeaking or squealing.

If you place your hand in front of the vents in your home, then you may notice that there is more air coming out of some vents than others. This, too, can be a sign of blower motor trouble. The motor is operating, but not strong enough to get airflow to all the vents.

As the problem progresses, your blower motor may fail completely. If this happens, your AC won't kick on. Or, you may hear the AC kick on, but no cold air will come through the vents.

How are blower motors repaired?

There are a few different components that can break inside a blower motor. How the motor is repaired will depend on what's broken. One of the most common problems is a worn ball bearing. In this case, the HVAC repair team can simply replace the ball bearing that is worn. Another common problem is a torn or frayed belt. Again, this can simply be replaced.

If the blower motor has suffered major damage and has a few broken parts, then your AC contractor may recommend simply replacing the whole motor. This may ultimately cost less than repairing the motor since there's far less labor involved.

Now that you know a little more about blower motors and blower motor repair, keep an eye on your AC. Especially if it is getting older, you may be looking forward to some repairs of this type.

For more help with your air conditioning system, contact an air conditioning repair service in your area.