Air Conditioning System Repairs Or Replacement? 4 Signs To Watch Out For

28 March 2022
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When your air conditioner acts up or has significant hitches, you may have a tough choice between repair or replacement. Usually, air conditioning system repairs cost less than replacement costs. However, the total cost of frequent repairs could surpass a single-time replacement.

So watch out for these signs to gauge whether the best solution is undertaking air conditioning system repairs or replacement.

1. Age

Unfortunately, as your unit ages, its efficiency decreases. For example, you will notice that your air conditioner runs longer to cool your indoor temperatures. As a result, you'll use more power resulting in higher energy bills. You can remedy this situation with a replacement. Newer models of air conditioning systems are more efficient than older models.

If your unit is more than 15-25 years old and you face frequent air conditioning system repairs, consider a replacement. With an old unit, you are likely to have frequent breakdowns. You'll find a new AC unit cheap to maintain and reliably on the flip side. However, if your unit is less than 14 years old and your air conditioning system repairs aren't expensive, a repair would do.

2. Warranty

If your unit still has warranty coverage, you shouldn't have a problem with air conditioning system repairs. You may only have to cater for the labor costs. You'll also incur zero charges in some instances. Once your warranty expires, you can consider a new air conditioner purchase. Otherwise, you'll spend more on air conditioning system repairs in the long run.

3. Frequency of Part Replacements

If you have a regular maintenance schedule and have to replace a part every time, that's an AC wear-out sign. If you see a pattern of replacements, ask your technician about the possibility of future problems. A new AC system replacement will do better than a series of air conditioning system repairs.

Your trusted AC technician will provide balanced, quality, and relevant guidance.

4. R-22 Refrigerant Requirement

The government phased out the refrigerant R-22 or HCFC-22 in the US in 2022. That means the government prohibits the importation or production of these refrigerants. However, many old air conditioning models still use R-22. If your unit uses R22 and a refrigerant leak occurs, you have to replace the system and buy one with Puron, a more eco-friendly option.


With new warranties, rebates, and energy savings, a new air conditioning unit pays for itself over time. If you notice any of the discussed signs but aren't sure whether to undertake AC system repairs or replace your air conditioner, an HVAC expert comes in handy. You'll get the correct diagnosis of your problem and the most viable solution. 

For more information about AC system repairs, contact a local company.