Here's What Could Be Causing Your AC To Keep Shutting Off Early

13 January 2022
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When your air conditioner consistently shuts off before it should, this often points to an issue with an electrical component or with a drain that's causing a backup of moisture in your system. You can often narrow down the issue by looking for specific symptoms, and an HVAC technician can help get your air conditioner working smoothly again.

Failing Fuses

Fuses serve as a safety mechanism for your air conditioner. In the event of a surge, fuses take the brunt of the damage to protect more expensive and complex components. Since power goes through these fuses on the way to your air conditioner, they can end up causing the air conditioner to shut off or fail to start properly if they start to fail.

Fuses are generally inexpensive and easy to replace, though they might not always be available during times of peak demand, such as during the summer when high usage causes parts to fail more often. Because of this, it can help to keep a few spares on hand. Your HVAC technician can replace these for you and get your system running properly.

Failing Capacitors

Your capacitors are responsible for providing the power necessary to start components like your air conditioner's fans and to keep them running. If your capacitors are failing, they might not be able to consistently provide the power necessary to start and run your air conditioner. If you hear a humming sound from your outdoor unit but the fan blades aren't moving, this means your air conditioner is getting power, just not enough to operate consistently. This often means your capacitors are at fault and need to be replaced.

Circuit Issues

If the circuit your air conditioner is installed on is having problems, it can cause trouble for your air conditioner even if your air conditioner itself is in good shape. One symptom of a circuit issue is if you notice the circuit breaker tripping consistently and more often than usual. This can happen due to old, fraying, or faulty wiring which can be very dangerous if left unfixed. If your air conditioner is old but has no easily identifiable issues, ask your HVAC technician to test your circuit for you.

Clogged Condensate Line

Every air conditioning system has a condensate drain and backup condensate drain that remove the moisture that's pulled from the air as your air conditioner runs. Usually this is drained harmlessly outside your house, but if this drain gets clogged, water can back up into your air conditioning system. Many air conditioners will shut off automatically if this happens to prevent water damage. If your condensate drains haven't been cleaned in a while, they might need to be cleared out so your air conditioner runs smoothly. Sometimes you can use mixtures of vinegar and baking soda to clear clogs, and you can also use wet/dry vacuums to suck out obstacles. If you aren't able to clear it yourself, a plumber can examine and fix your drains for you.

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