Air Conditioner Maintenance To Keep Cool Efficiently All Summer

19 October 2021
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If you want to avoid excessive energy bills or an AC breakdown in the midst of summer, regular maintenance is important. With plenty of time to spare before summer kicks in, the following air conditioning maintenance services should be done before the heat returns:

Inspecting and Upgrading AC Electrical Circuits

One of the first maintenance tasks that need to be done to your AC is inspecting the electrical wiring. Electrical wiring of air conditioners can be damaged by wear, issues with pests, and other damage like short circuits. Therefore, if there are problems with the wiring of your air conditioner, you might need to update the electrical circuits to keep it running efficiently and prevent problems with failures during the summer months.

Check the Compressor and AC Gas Levels

AC compressors provide cooling for your home by compressing a refrigerant gas. Over the years, the compressor motor can start to wear, and there might be parts that need to be replaced to prevent problems when you need to use your AC. In addition to problems with the AC compressor motor, there could also be issues with refrigerant gas levels. Therefore, the levels of the gas in your AC should be checked. If the level is low, then you can be sure that there are leaks that need to be repaired.

Inspect Ducts and Change All the Air Filters

Your air conditioning ductwork also needs to be inspected to ensure there are not any air leaks. There might also be issues with the insulation of ductwork being damaged, which can lead to energy loss. These are issues that you want to have repaired when doing other maintenance to your AC and HVAC system.

AC Cleaning and Tune-Up

One of the tasks that need to be done when taking care of AC maintenance is cleaning the air conditioning unit. This is the compressor and fan unit that is outside your home. Over the summer, it can collect a lot of dirt and debris. Therefore, you want to clean the AC unit to prevent wear and problems while it is weatherized for winter, which will also help prevent problems during the summer months.

In short, clean your air conditioner. A clean air conditioner will run better and use less electricity. Inspect all moving parts, including the fan blades, bearings, motor, and belts. While they are attached to the air conditioner, they can be turned by hand.

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