Do You Need To Replace Your Air Ducts? 3 Signs It's Time

30 August 2021
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Your air ducts play an important part in your HVAC system. It helps bring that cool or warm air from your furnace and A/C systems to every single room of your home. This ductwork is an intricate maze of sheet metal that is created in a way to bring air to flow properly to ensure every room in your home is properly cooled or heated. If your ductwork isn't working properly, it may be causing you a lot of problems. If your ductwork isn't in good condition, it should be replaced. Read on for a few signs that your ductwork needs replacing.

1. Your Duct Work Is Old

If you're in a 30-year-old home, and your ductwork has never been replaced, there's a good chance it needs to be. Ductwork can last a long time, upwards of 10 years or more if it's taken care of, but if you have much older ductwork, there's a good chance it has some issues that need to be tended to. The ductwork around your home may not be working as it should, especially if it's been in your house for this long. If you have old ductwork, you should have it inspected and see if it needs to be replaced.

2. Your Duct Work Smells Musty

If your house smells really musty or it smells of mold, it could be because of your ductwork. Your ductwork may have mold or mildew in it and it needs to be replaced. You can try to have your ductwork blown out to remove this mold and mildew, but if it's also old, you should consider having it replaced altogether. This mold and mildew may have been caused by time, or it could be because you have some sort of leak in it and should have the ductwork replaced.

3. Your Home Is Not Heating Or Cooling Properly

If you don't have the proper airflow throughout your home, your HVAC systems may not be to blame after all. The problem may actually be because of your ductwork. Your ductwork may be improperly installed in your home, and it is causing a problem with the flow of air to your home. This can happen especially when there have been additions made to a home. If you have improper airflow, you should consider having your air ducts replaced.

If you aren't sure if your air ducts need to be replaced or at least repaired, you should consult a professional HVAC duct replacement company for help to have them inspected and replaced as needed.