3 Benefits Of Installing A Ducted Air Conditioning System

23 April 2021
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Ducted air conditioning systems use ductwork in which air travels throughout the entire building. This ductwork is installed inside walls as well as ceilings. The other option is the split AC unit system which uses an external condenser to pump refrigerant into the house. Ducted air systems are becoming increasingly popular in modern homes for several reasons, including the following: 

1. They Cool Many Rooms at a Go

Ducted air conditioning systems can cool all the rooms at once without needing extra units or systems. You only need to have the central unit installed on the roof or outside. A ducted AC system offers extended freedom to homeowners. For instance, you do not have to keep closing doors as you go out to prevent cooled rooms from getting warm again, as is the case in split systems. 

Split systems utilize units, which you need to install in each room. That means you will need to purchase many units if you have a multi-roomed house. If you only a single unit, you must enclose the room that has the unit to prevent cool air from escaping. Therefore, a split system might not provide you good freedom if you like open spaces or open-plan living. In addition to cooling numerous rooms, a ducted air system provides a more comfortable living environment by cooling the entire house uniformly. 

2. They Are Less Expensive 

Ducted air conditioners are less expensive compared to split systems. With the split system, you need many units for the entire building, increasing the installation costs significantly. Otherwise, you will need to select rooms and zones you need to cool and leave out the rest. 

3. They Offer Better Aesthetics

In a ducted AC system, the ductwork and condensers are hidden in the walls and ceilings. The only visible parts are the controller, return, as well ceiling vents. Conversely, split air conditioning systems require using wall-mounted units in each of the rooms. Therefore, you will have visible components all over the rooms. 

Ducted systems offer a better outward expression than split systems. Moreover, they are less intrusive and provide more space to do other things. You also need lesser additional labor to remove the ductwork when refurbishing or remodeling the house. 

When you put up your home for resale in the future, you will attract more potential customers with a ducted air conditioner. Additionally, ducted systems are quieter than the outside condenser split units. 

Modern ducted AC systems can be controlled remotely via phone apps. With these advances, they offer more flexibility of use in addition to the benefits discussed above.

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