4 Reasons You Might Need A Plumber To Fix A Leak In Your Home

7 January 2021
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Plumbing leaks are annoying when a dripping faucet keeps you awake at night, and they are destructive when the leak causes water damage in your home. Here are four causes of plumbing leaks you should be aware of and the plumbing services you might need to stop a leak.

1. Rubber Seals Crack Or Wear Down

A common reason for faucet leaks is a worn-down seal. The rubber seals keep water from leaking under normal conditions, but the rubber can wear down due to age. When the seal first starts to wear down or when it cracks, the faucet may have a slow drip.

Your natural reaction might be to tighten the faucet harder to stop the leak, but that wears out the rubber seal even quicker. A plumber can fix this problem by taking the faucet apart and replacing the seals.

2. Connections Come Loose

Your plumbing system has a number of connections where pipes join together and where pipes attach to valves, appliances, and fixtures. When the leak is visible, you can see water dripping and fix the problem yourself by tightening the connection. Sometimes, the problem is hidden behind a wall and the plumber has to track down the leak so the connection can be found and tightened.

If a connection to a dishwasher or other appliance comes loose, your home could sustain water damage if you can't stop the leak fast. That's why it's important to know where all the shut-off valves are in your home.

3. Tree Roots Crush A Water Line

Tree roots are drawn to water pipes and drains. If roots crush a drain, you'll have to deal with clogs and sewage leaks in your yard. When roots cause cracks in a plumbing line, water starts leaking under the ground. You may not even realize you have a plumbing leak until you get a high water bill.

A plumber has equipment that locates water leaks under the ground that can't be seen. Once the leak is located, the plumber can dig up the bad pipe and repair or replace it. The plumber might recommend putting a liner in the pipe instead.

4. High Pressure Causes Old Pipes To Burst

If your plumbing pipes are old and corroded, they might be at risk of bursting, and high water pressure increases this risk. Water pressure might be high due to a problem with the pressure regulator valve. A plumber can adjust or replace the valve to lower the water pressure in your home. However, the only fix for old pipes is to have them replaced.

To learn more, contact a local plumbing service.