Installing Air Conditioning in Your New Home

18 May 2020
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It is very common to have air conditioning installed in a new home. Working with an air conditioning contractor is the best way to make sure the job is done right. 

1. Determining What You Need

The first step in installing air conditioning in your house is to determine what you need. Homes that use a boiler for heating and hot water do not need an HVAC system that offers heat as well as air conditioning. The boiler will handle all the heating needs, so your air conditioning system can be a stand-alone unit that is only used in the summertime. 

The air conditioning contractor can help you choose the best-sized air conditioning system for your home and one that will be efficient, reliable, and durable. There are many different air conditioning systems on the market, so look for something that meets your needs and has a warranty that is going to protect your investment.

2. Planning the Installation

If your house is new and still under construction, the air conditioning contractor will have an easier time with the installation process. Running air ducts through the house is more accessible when the walls and ceiling are still open, so get the contractor in as early in the process as possible. 

If the air conditioning contractor can access the space early, the work will go forward at a quicker pace, and the overall cost may be lower because the contractor does not need to open walls and repair damages. 

It is a good idea for your home builder and AC contractor to meet before the air conditioning work begins. This meeting will allow them to talk over the installation and discuss any conflicts that may arise in the process and resolve them before the physical work starts. 

3. Installing the Air Conditioning

When the day arrives to install the air conditioning system in your home, the air conditioning contractor and the crew will come with the parts fo the system and all the equipment they need to do the work. 

In most modern homes, the ducts will run through the attic and the vents installed in the ceiling of the house. If there is some reason you do not want the vents overhead, you will need to discuss the options with the contractor so they can change the plane before manufacturing ductwork and other parts for the system.

Learn more about this process by contacting local air conditioning contractors.