How To Know An Emergency Furnace Repair Is Necessary

5 February 2020
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It can be difficult to know the difference between your home's furnace having a small issue, where repairs can be delayed temporarily, and having a more severe issue that should be repaired immediately. If your heater is experiencing any of these issues, you should contact a local contractor for an emergency furnace repair.

Loud Noises

If you turn on your furnace and it begins to make a loud noise, it may be time to contact a local contractor for an emergency furnace repair. Whether it's making a clanging, a screeching, or a scraping sound like metal on metal, noises mean that something in your home heating system is working incorrectly and could be causing severe damage. Contacting a professional for repair can help ensure that no additional damage occurs. 

Electronic Issues

If you turn on your heating system and it causes issues with the wiring in your home, such as lights flickering or the power ebbing, you likely have a fairly serious issue on your hands. This is also true if you notice sparks, flashes, or a short in the switch. Experiencing electrical issues is a sign that you need to reach out to a furnace repair service, so that they can evaluate the situation as soon as possible. Otherwise, you could wind up damaging your furnace, damaging the wiring in your home or causing other serious issues. 

Gas Odors

Anytime you notice the odor of gas in your home, you have a serious issue. If you enter your home and notice this odor coming from your furnace, vacate the area immediately and reach out to both emergency services and to a local furnace repair service to have your heater evaluated. 

Cold Air 

If your furnace is blowing cold air, it's a sign that it's not working correctly. If you note that your heater isn't keeping your home warm, especially if it's during the winter, it's important to contact a local professional for service. Otherwise, you'll have a difficult time keeping your home at an appropriate temperature and keeping your pipes from freezing. These skilled professionals can help get you warm and comfortable as quickly as possible. 

Any or all of these issues could mean that your furnace has severe damage, your home is at risk, or you could be in danger. This makes it especially important to reach out to a professional contractor for repair as soon as possible. Keep everyone in your family safe while you wait for repairs, then let the contractor advise you about what to do next. For more information, get in touch with companies like AirSource Heating and Cooling Inc.