Is Your Older A/C System Stuggling? 5 Repair Issues That Affect Performance And Efficiency

13 December 2019
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As a residential air conditioning system gets older, homeowners may begin to notice that their home no longer feels as cool and comfortable as it once did when the system was new. In some instances, this increasing lack of cool comfort in the home can be traced to other factors, such as drafty windows or a problem with the home's insulation. More often, however, a growing inability to lower temperatures and humidity levels inside the home are related to a developing repair issue with the home's air conditioning system. 

Duct damage 

Older air conditioning systems are usually connected to ducts of the same age. Older ducts are more apt to develop leaks in the seams or have experienced damaged in some manner, especially if the ducts run through crowded storage spaces or other unprotected areas. Dents, leaky seams, and other types of damage can allow cool, conditioned air to leak out instead of reaching the living spaces of the home. 

Refrigerant level issues

Older air conditioning systems may also have developed tiny leaks that add up to major losses of refrigerant over time. As the refrigerant level drops, the air conditioning system is forced to run more often and use more energy as it tries unsuccessfully to bring the home to the selected setting on the thermostat. Older models that are not yet retrofitted to use the new refrigerant will need to be converted as part of the repair process. 

Home size and flow changes

Another problem that often arises when homeowners are using an older air conditioning system is that it may no longer be large enough to efficiently cool the home. This often happens when remodeling or renovating activities have added additional square footage or when the interior design has been altered that changed the way air moves throughout the home. An air conditioning system that was sized for the original structure of the home may suddenly seem very inefficient if modifications have been made that significantly expand or change the layout.

Fan issues

Homeowners who have are experiencing cooling issues may be seeing a fan motor issue. If the fan motor is malfunctioning, the fan may no longer stop and start correctly, limiting its ability to move cool air throughout the home. 

Homeowners who are struggling with an increasingly warm home during the summer, even though their air conditioner appears to be functional, will want to contact a reputable air conditioning repair contractor to help correctly diagnose and repair the problem.