Ode To The Sounds Of An HVAC System

14 February 2019
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Your heating and air conditioning system has a lot of ways in which it can show you there is something going on that needs your attention. One of the warning flags to pay attention to is the sounds your system makes. With a central HVAC system, you will get used to hearing its regular sounds. These sounds include the swooshing sound you will hear when the system kicks on and the air makes its way through the vents. Also, depending on the location of the compressor outside, you may also faintly hear the motor at work. However, there are sounds you do not want to hear coming from your system, and if you do hear them, then this means it is time for you to have your system looked at by a professional. Here are some sounds you don't want to hear and what they can mean.

Thumping or banging

Hearing a thumping or banging coming from your HVAC unit can be a scary thing and with good reason. When you hear this type of sound coming from the motor area of your system, it can be indicative of a problem with the unit's blower assembly. If there is something going on with the blower assembly, then continuing to run the system can quickly cause the situation to worsen. Turn the system off and call a technician to diagnose and repair the problem.


If you start to hear popping and you don't have a bag of Jiffy Pop in the microwave, then those popping sounds are likely coming from the HVAC system. However, this may not be a major issue, so you can calm down. Your ducts can expand, and when they do, the popping noise is fine to hear. If you continue hearing the noise and it is starting to get on your nerves, then you can have insulation installed to quiet things down for you, but this isn't a necessity.


Once it gets cold, you will turn on the heater and you may hear clicking. This clicking tells you that the system is starting up as it is supposed to. Therefore, hearing that clicking noise on start-up is nothing to worry about. Now, if you continue to hear that clicking sound while your system is already on, then the sound is happening for another reason. If you hear the clicking from your control panel or the compressor located outside, then this can mean that you are experiencing an issue with the system relay. In this case, call a tech out to check things out.

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