Use These Tips To Reap The Maximum Benefits Of Your Programmable Thermostat

8 June 2018
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The thermostat is the most visible part of your HVAC system because it is the input point for your temperature settings. However, your thermostat may not be of much benefit to you if you don't know how to use it properly. The following tips should help you derive maximum utility from your thermostat:

Read the Manual

The first tip is to take out the thermostat's manual and scrutinize it. Otherwise, you may not even know and understand all the novel features of the thermostat. The manual will teach you how to program the thermostat, use its energy-saving features, and maintain it. Consult the manufacturer's website for a virtual version of the manual if you don't have the paper one.

Take Your Time to Set It

Some people have programmable or smart thermostats but don't use all of their features; that defeats the purpose of getting a programmable thermostat in the first place. You need to take your time, analyze your household's schedule and comfort requirements, and then set the thermostat. After that, resist the urge to override the temperature settings (unless there is a major change in schedule) because that will just overdo the hard work you have done to program the thermostat.

Check the Batteries Regularly

Programmable thermostats have batteries to keep them going and preserve the setting even when the mains power is off. Batteries don't last forever, however, and your thermostat will lose its settings if the batteries go bad without your knowledge. Therefore, you need to check the batteries at least once a year to confirm that they are still operational.

Be Patient with the Thermostat

Many people are not patient with their thermostats. They want to turn on the AC and have it instantly cool the house or switch on the furnace and have it instantly heat the house. Such people find themselves cranking up the thermostat or turning it down further, depending on what they want, in a bid to reach their desired temperature fast. Unfortunately, none of those will cool or heat up your house faster, and you will just be wasting energy. When you turn on the heater or AC, give them time to get your home to a comfortable temperature.

Shield It from Undue Influence

Your thermostart's operations can be affected by environmental factors such as direct sunlight from a skylight, draft from an open window or any opening, and heat from an electronic appliance. Shield your thermostat from such environmental factors by making sure it is located in an appropriate place.

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