Several Tips For Managing Foul Odors From Your Air Conditioning

29 April 2018
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Odors from the air conditioning system can be a very disruptive problem to experience. When your home suffers this type of problem, there are some steps that may be able to help you minimize the odor problems.

Keep Flowering Plants Several Feet From The Exterior Unit

Many homeowners will have flowering or otherwise smelly plants near their exterior unit. During the course of its operation, this unit may be able to pull in pollen, dust and other materials from these plants. This can lead to the ducting having powerful odors. By keeping these plants at least several feet from the exterior uni, you can minimize this issue.

Change The Air Filter Each Month

The air filters will help to remove large particles from the air so that they are no circulated through your home. Unfortunately, some homeowners will fail to change this filter on a monthly basis, and this can allow it to become dirty. By changing the filter each month, you will reduce the risk of odors from the air filter being circulated through the home. When choosing an air filter for your system, you may want to pay the extra cost for hypoallergenic air filters. These filters will remove much more of the odors or small particles from the air in your home.

Clean The Vents

The interior vents can accumulate large amounts of dust, hair and pet fur. These materials can contribute to musty odors in the home when the system is running. Regularly vacuuming the vents will be necessary for removing these materials. When you are doing this work, you will want to be particularly careful to avoid knocking dirt or dust into the vent. This can be especially easy with floor vents, but you will want to avoid it as these materials can be very difficult to remove from the ducting.

Have The System Professionally Serviced

There are some areas of the ducting that you will simply be unable to reach to clean. However, you do not have to let these areas cause the entire home to have a foul or otherwise unpleasant odor. There are professional duct cleaning services that will be able to remove these materials from the ducts. This will ensure the home's interior air quality is as high as possible while eliminating the foul odors that may have been caused by these collections of dust and allergens. To have an average home's dust cleaned, professionals will take little more than a few hours, which can help to make this type of maintenance as hassle-free as possible.

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