3 Simples Ways to Increase HVAC Functionality

13 January 2017
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The key to keeping your HVAC system running well is making sure your furnace is regularly serviced and in good working order. Some people will invest in a new furnace in order to increase the efficiency of their system. This is a smart investment, but it might be unnecessary. Many furnace problems are easily fixable. Even if you don't want to call in an HVAC professional, you can probably prevent some of these problems yourself by doing some regular maintenance. This article explains 3 easy things that you can do that will help keep your furnace running properly.

Clean the Area Around It

The simplest thing you can do to prevent your furnace from getting dirty is to make sure the area around it is clean and dust free. Furnaces are usually installed in storage rooms, garages or basements. These are not always the cleanest rooms in a house. Also, since so many things are stacked and stored in these rooms, there can be extra dust. So, you should try to regularly clean the area around your furnace. Vacuuming dust will help prevent it from getting sucked into your furnace. A small amount of dust probably won't dramatically effect your furnace if your filter is working. However, you will probably need to replace your filter more often if your furnace is in a really dusty room.

Clean the Furnace Filter

There are no set guidelines for how often you need to change your furnace filter. It largely depends on how often you run your heater or AC. The best method is to simply visually inspect your filter at least once a year. This is very easy to do since most filters are located outside of the main furnace cabinet. As long as the surface is white and mostly dust free, there is no need to change it. If your filter is discolored and dusty, you should change it out immediately.

Clean Your Air Registers

Cleaning your air registers is simple. The hardest part is usually accessing the registers that are located high on the wall. With an extension ladder you can reach all of your registers. Use a thin duster or cleaning brush to clean in between each vent in your registers. You can also strategically close or open registers to increase airflow in the appropriate rooms. You might need to make these changes as the seasons change and your heating/cooling needs change.

These 3 measures could ultimately put less strain on your furnace motor and should help to keep it efficient. Contact local HVAC services to learn more.