How To Replace The Control Board On A Kenmore Window Air Conditioner

24 October 2016
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The time has come to take the air conditioners out of a window and store them for the winter. This is also a time to perform some maintenance on the unit like cleaning the coils and replacing parts that are wearing out. One part that will wear out over time is the control board. The control board is responsible for things like maintaining the temperature of the air coming out of the unit and turning on the compressor. If you were starting to have problems with maintaining the temperature or having the compressor turning on, you should replace the control board. This is a project most do-it-yourself air conditioner owners can do on their own with a Phillips-head screwdriver. If you need to replace the control board in your window air conditioner, here is how to do it.

Remove Front Grill

The front grill will be either clipped in or screwed in. If it's clipped in, pull the grill out while pressing down on it. The grill should come right out. If it's screwed in, the screws will be located around the edge of the grill. Remove the screws and take off the grill. You also need to remove the air filter located behind the grill.

Remove Control Panel

The control panel has all the dials on it to operate the air conditioner and it needs to be removed. There will be small Phillips-head screws along the bottom and side of the control panel. Remove the screws. There will be an electrical cord running from the control panel to the control board. The cord is connected together by a plastic harness. Separate the harness and set the control panel aside.

Remove Cover and Case

You need to remove the front cover and the outer case. Remove the screws from the front cover and remove it. Now remove the screws around the bottom, top, and sides of the case covering the main part of the air conditioner. Lift the case up and set it aside.

Remove Control Board

Follow the other end of the electrical cord from to the control board.  The control board is located on the left side of the air conditioner. The wires going the control panel are attached to terminals on the cover of the control board. Disconnect the wires from the terminals.

The control board cover is screwed to the base of the air conditioner with a single screw. Remove the screw and take off the cover.

Remove the wires connected directly to the control board and the four screws holding the control board in place. Remove the control board.

Install New Control Board

Screw the new control board to the air conditioner and reconnect the wires. Replace the cover and reconnect the wires to the terminals on the cover. Put the case, front cover, control panel, filter, and grill back together in the opposite order in which you took it apart. For more information, talk to a professional like A Bailey Plumbing.