Air Conditioner Tips To Protect Your Family From Health Complications

18 August 2016
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Problems with an air conditioning system can end up affecting the entire home. Taking steps to reduce air conditioner problems can, therefore, help to protect your loved ones from health complications. The following are air conditioner tips that will help you do so.

Protect your air conditioner from infestation with a moisture trap

When compared to a home's main drain piping system, the condensate drain lines are a relatively low pressure drainage system. Therefore, connecting an air conditioner's condensate drain lines to the home main drain piping increases the risks of the contents of the home drain piping entering the air conditioning system. This is a health hazard since doing so essentially exposes your home to the dangerous bacteria that exist in most home drain systems. When the bacteria grow back the drain line, into the air conditioner and finally into your home, your loved ones will be exposed to the harmful effects of these organisms—respiratory complications such as asthma are the most common.

If you have to use your main drain piping system to get rid of your air conditioner's condensate, protect your home by using a moisture trap. A moisture trap is an effective protection device because it keeps the contents of the main drain system from flowing up the condensate drain lines while allowing the condensate to enter the home drain piping.

Reduce water leak incidences by regularly changing your air filters

Water leaks do more than damage furniture and valuables such as paintings. The damp conditions that water leaks create usually encourage mold growth. They also make it easier for bacteria to thrive in a home, especially if the water comes in contact with organic materials such as food remains. Anything that exposes your home to water leaks is therefore to blame for any allergies and respiratory complications that both mold growth and bacterial attacks cause.

Worn-out air filters are a common cause of air conditioner water leaks. This is because worn-out filters usually allow dirt particles and other debris to get into the air conditioning system. When these unwanted materials reach the evaporator coil area, they settle on the coils. When they are washed from the coils' surfaces by the condensing moisture particles, they usually end up blocking either the condensate collector tray opening or the condensate drain lines. This impacts the effectiveness of the condensate draining process, something that then increases the risks of air conditioner water leaks that then expose your loved ones to bacteria-related and mold-related health problems.

Changing your air conditioner's air filters at least four times in a year will significantly reduce the amount of unwanted particles that enter your air conditioning system, reducing the incidences of health problems that are usually caused by air conditioner water leaks. For more tips on how to keep your air conditioner clean and leak-free, contact a contractor like Jerry Boschert Heating & Cooling.