2 Common Questions About Sump Pumps

17 August 2016
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Water in a basement can be a serious problem as a homeowner. The items in your basement not only run the risk of getting destroyed by water, but it can lead to foundation problems as well. If you want to keep water out of your home's basement, getting a sump pump installed is a great way to do it. If sump pumps are a foreign concept for you, these are two questions you may have about them.

How Does A Sump Pump Work?

A common misconception about using a sump pump is that they only activate once a basement becomes flooded. It is actually the opposite, with the sump pump constantly working to prevent flooding from occurring. The sump pump has a float in it that helps identify how deep the water is in the sump. If the water level gets to a specified height, it quickly pumps the water out of the sump and into your yard or the sewer system.

Since the sump is installed under the foundation, it gathers the water that could be collecting outside your home. It could be from living in an area with a high water table that could potentially reach your foundation or from heavy rains that have caused the ground to become oversaturated. By pumping the water away from your house, it relieves the pressure the water can put on your foundation

Will A Sump Pump Take Up Much Space?

If your home's basement is very crowded and lacking space, you may be worried about how much space the sump pump will take up. Thankfully, the typical sump pump is not very invasive when it comes to space. It should consume no more space than the size of a manhole cover depending on the type of pump.

A sump pump can use a submersible or pedestal pump. As the name implies, the submersible pump lives in the sump and is located under water. The pedestal pump is essentially an external pump, with the motor being located in your basement so that you can have easy access to it. It's about the size of an air compressor, so space shouldn't be a big concern.

Now that you know the basics about sump pumps, contact a plumber in your area for more information. They can let you know about different models of sump pumps that they sell and install and help you find the best one for your home. You can click here for info on this topic.